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We are an interactive mar- keting and design agency working out of New York City and Munich, Germany. Since our inception in 2009, we've been honored to consult a variety of well-known brands from an array of industries. We are not only consulting our clients in regards to their digital strategies but produce customized brand and user experiences ranging from Apps to Websites, Videos and


Animations. Like us, all of our clients believe in the power of high-quality design and classy manufacturing.


Red Dot and iF award

Among others, one of those brands is German automobile manufacturer Audi, for which we've developed an award-winning digital annual report that got honored with both, a Red Dot and iF interactive design award.

We believe that the most extraordinary work can only be accomplished by small, flexible and heterogeneous teams. That's why we work with a handpicked team of design, marketing and tech- nology mavens, scattered all over the globe. We literally have our eyes and ears all over. An advantage that's become essential in a fast and ever changing, digital world and one we are happy to share.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about one of our projects or if you would like to get our opinion on the digital challenge you are working on right now.



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